undermine church building of St. Peter inTurkey

The Church of St Peter (St Peter's Cave Church) near Antioch (Antakya), Turkey, is composed of a cave carved into the mountainside on Mount Starius with a depth of 13 m, a width of 9,5 m and a height of 7m. This cave, which has been used by the first Christians in Antakya region, is considered to be one of Chistianity's oldest churches.

Only some pieces of ground mossaics, and traces of frescos on the right side of the alter have been preserved to date from the early period of the church. It is thought that the tunnel inside that opens to the mountain side, served the Christians to evacuate the church in case of sudden raids and attacks. Water that seeps from rocks to be gathered inside the drinking trough has been used for baptisms. The collection of water, which visitors drank and collected to bring to those who were ill, in the belief that it was healing and curative, has lessened as a result of recent earthquakes.

According to the manuscript and colors dating in the middle or second half of the 13th century. Fresco Mladenac Christ is almost unique in the Serbian fresco painting.


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