to get a job and how to be in first job .

Beginning your first job search doesn’t have
to be a frustrating experience. Students are often intimidated by the
thought of the first job hunt after graduation but that process can be
easier than they think if they remember the basic job search rules .

1. Get out into the real world.

An internship or part-time co-op job tells employers that you have
already experienced a real-world work environment and know what to

2. Communicate well with others.

No matter what career path you choose to follow — from nurse to
computer programmer —you have to have solid written and oral
communication skills to get a job.

3. Network, network, network.

Most grads land jobs through people they know — not by answering
newspaper ads. So, make a list of your own contacts, such as
professors, family and friends, and add to it by attending career fairs
and other professional associations and activities.

4. Be computer literate.

It’s the information age —you need to be able to demonstrate solid computer literacy that’s relevant to your field.

5. Put your best resume forward.

A resume should be a concise, error-free, reader friendly, one-page document that can be easily scanned.

6. Research.

Take the time to learn about the company you are targeting by visiting its Web site or researching the company at the library.

7. Use examples.

Using specific examples from school or internships to answer questions
about your experiences paints a clearer picture of your strengths and
skills for the employer.

8. Smile!

It’s hard to smile when you’re on the hot seat—but a smile during an
interview shows enthusiasm for the position and the company. Potential
employers might interpret a non-smiling face as a lack of interest.

9. Show your thanks.

A thank you note following a phone or face-to-face interview reinforces your interest in the position and the company.


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