Trick To Activate AIRTEL Mobile Office Just By Sending A Sms For Free

default all the airtel phones are blessed with automatic already activated of airtel live but with this kind of gprs plan activated ,you can’t reach any other sites on web as there is a firewall that blocks any request to any other sites other than airtel live.But there are other types of airtel gprs plans other than this which allows much better connectivity to all the websites on web.

So today i am going to tell you how to activate any type of grps plan on your phone simply by sending a sms or through web directly.

Airtel Live - (pre installed on all pre-paid & post paid) - In this plan a user is able to do GPRS but the only site that is browsable is Airtel WAP site.

Charges for airtel live- No browsing charges for airtel live but downloads are charged.

Airtel Online - (This gprs plan can be activated by sending two sms one by one. For activation send SMS

AO to 6333 & ALL to 2567) and ( For cancellation send SMS AO CNCL to 222 ) - In this type of plan a user can access to any website on web on his/her phone but with a limited bandwidth of 5o mb.

Charges for airtel online- Rs 15o p.m (per month) are charged.

Airtel Mobile or Mobile Office - (For activation send SMS MO to 6123) - In this type of plan user can access to any web site on web with a unlimited bandwidth.

Charges for airtel mobile- Rs 600 p.m (per month) are charged.

If you have any problems in activation call 121 or leave a comment here and still if your problem is not solved i have written one more post about activating gprs on any network check out here.


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