bread bed 2009 and make free calls

The Hamburger Bed !! what real big Hamburger i need to eat it .

FREE CALLS to INDIA. With this trick we will be able to make one hour FREE CALLS to INDIA.

Rebtel a VOIP service is offering 1 hour FREE CALLS to INDIA. Wait! dont goto their site, you'll not find it there.

To make FREE CALLS to INDIA follow the following steps:

1) Click here to take a survey about Rebtel services.

2) You will now get a code saying that "Now you are granted an hour of free VOIP calls to India!

3) Now just copy your personal voucher code i.e. 02630459928759XXXX.

4) Then goto Rebtel

5) Click on Add Credit button

6) Now paste the voucher code and click redeem.


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