FRIENDS VIEWER : tips of the day ( how to impress school girls)

steps to be followed
1.Establish a more-than-just-friends relationship. Start by asking her
for something to play on, like if you are in her class, ask her for a
pencil or eraser. If she's slightly interested, she might play about,
teasing you for it. Don't worry, it's not that she doesn't like you.
She expects you to play along, s0 maybe walk off in mock sulk, don't do
it too heavily though. She might start to think you are weird if you do.

Compliment her, but be careful. Unless they are desperate, they might
think you are desperate or making something too obvious. So maybe tell
her you like her new hairstyle but then go behind her and mess around
with it, spice it up. She'll like your courage to go play about with
her hair but make sure she doesn't have dandruff or lice because
although you might not be too bothered, she will get embarrassed and
scared to go near you. Also, don't lay it 0n like you've seen in the
movies: "I like your handbag.". No guy, in school, will honestly care
about a handbag. Something you might truly like you can compliment on.

Start a ball game (not literally). Be a little far away and look at
her, admire her. She'll catch your gaze and look at you. Look away
suddenly but keep an eye out for her looking back at you. If she is,
get up and walk past her, possibly giving her a little smile as you go.
If she isn't then if you play football or basketball you might want a
gang of guys ready to shout "Nice one"s or stuff like that. She'll give
y0u a look. Then follow above.

4. Have chats with her. Ask her
if she has any pets and find out some interesting things. Make sure she
knows you inside 0ut as wel1.

5. Move in closer, be alone and
look down. Look up at her eyes, look lost in her world for a second,
and then say "I,(pause),like you. So...(cough)..Will you go out with
me" While you say this look down. Look up when you say me and smile
questioningly. If that isn't your style, there is another way to ask a
girl out. All you have to do is walk up (make sure she's alone), and
ask her to g0 out with you in a confident (but relaxed!) manner.

6. Don't try T00 hard, girls aren't stupid, they can tell when you get desperate. Be relaxed and confident in yourself.

Don't just become friends with her, become friends with all of her
friends, as relationships are made and broken 0n her friends opinions.

8. If she says no she means N0. Just back off for awhile, leave her to cool down, but don't give up complete hope.

Be confident, not cocky. The difference is there, and very noticeable
for girls. Make jokes and be self-confident; women l0ve it when men
make them laugh.

10. When the time comes to ask her out, wait
for the opportune moment. Trust your instincts; they will tell you when
the time is right. As mentioned earlier, it's probably best not to do
it in front of her friends 0r in front of your friends. It's easier for
both of you if you are alone.

11. If she says "I'll think about
it" it's not a good sign- although she could just be nervous, or caught
up in the moment, and she's being careful not to make a stupid mistake.
Don't bug her about it, let it go a few days- if she doesnt bring it up
again, it's a n0.

12. Don't ask her out as a dare, 0r as a joke-
this can really hurt a girl's feelings. Be sure that you are doing it
because you want to, if you don't you could really become known as a

13. If You See Any Facial Expressions Like An Eye Raise Make Sure You Say, "Its 0kay If You Say No"


> Don't come on t00 full or it'll freak her out.

> Don't treat her like she's desperate, 0r like she'd do anything for you.

> Act like you really think you have to work for her to your friends. They might d0 some secret hinting.

Look out for her as well as yourself, defending her is a good way of
hinting at your interest while also being a decent person as a whole.
Make one of your friends jokingly insult her and then g0 and defend
her. It really works if its your best friend. It shows your willing to
stand up to him for her.

> Give her time to think it 0ut and let her think that you really like her.
you want to make her curious, send her love notes in her locker.
Remember you want to be mysterious, give hints in your letter, but
don't tell her.


Make sure she hasn't got a boyfriend. (especially if he is bigger than you)
Don't ask her in front of friends, especially if she is shy.
Don't tell the world if she's not ready. She might have some things she has t0 tie up first.
Don't ask super invasive questions about her. Be nice, not a stalker.
you want to ask a girl out to a dance, disco etc and she says no, d0
not immedieately go and ask someone else out. This will lower your
social levels and girls will not want to go out with you because they
will think you are desparate.


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