new 2009 tricks for airtel mobile office

1st)-a gprs/edge enabled handset with airtel live as internet connection 2nd)-your browsing in airtel live should be free i.e. You have to use a software called ucweb or tea shark or 3)-yahoo mail service should be active in airtel live {i'm having a trick how to activate yahoo mail for free in airtel live}
4)-your phone should support download and should be able to open yahoo mail.{there are no data charges for using yahoo )
[now comes the trick]this is a procedure
1)go to any site from which you want to download the stuff.for e.g. If you want to download a game from mobitech.go to that site and from there get the download link of dat file.for e.g. The download link of dat file is []suppose this is the download link then just copy this link in your browser...and save it as download
Now.:go to this address : fill in the'll get.for instance you'll get enter your name.[in that field enter your email Then in from field i.e. In enter your email id enter the same value i.e. now comes the place where you need to enter your yahoo email id. I.e. To in that field enter :
-your yahoo id for e.g., then at top it'll will ask you for attachment that field paste the url of the download link i.e. Paste the address of download1 which you copied earlier.
now. In the subject and message field enter what ever you want to enter...any thing you want to fill or leave it after filling the details i gave to you just
click on send button.and yur message will be send to your yahoo email address along with that file as attachment.}
now go to and click on mail.2nd)-go to'll ask you to login go and login into yahoo after entering your inbox you'll see an email from [or what ever you have entered in the send from field in that site i told earlier]open that on'll see attachment on the attachment name and download will get downloaded to your phone.without any error.and without any cost cause you are not charged for data charge in yahoo email.neither for downloading attachment files nor for download this way and enjoy the will not be charged a single paisa for dat.
benefits:-you are able to download the file and store it in your email inbox for ever.
You can send or forward that file to any one and he can download it easily. Its like an online storage when ever you want to download that file just go to that email and click on'll get it downloaded to your phone.*chamber of errors are very very negligible.very important use your wap browser in order to do the download from yahoo mail.pls don't use your WEB browser at all and don't login in to only in the page made especially for mobile have to use wap browser even for enterin the site i gave you i.e. In order to go to 2 free email attachment services.if you are using ucweb browser then this process will be very very me for more info.about that.ha if you are using ucweb browser for opening the site then pls pls configure your browser setting.change your browser type from web browser to wap browser.and then go to the link i gave you.hope you'll enjoy this trick and will surely reply to me.pls pls reply to me.cause i have done hard work to find out such info and publish it here.[i know this trick or process is quite difficult but you contact many time you want bt post u r email in the comment)


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