to make the blog popular easy steps

StepsWrite about something interesting. Make sure it's unique, and appeals to everyday people.
When writing, use proper English (no slang or abbreviations) and get a friend/family member to proofread and edit your writing.
Read other popular blogs and find reasons why people like them. What makes them unique? Why does the blog appeal to people so much?
Add pictures to correspond with your writing.
If you're writing a persuasive post, a reason makes your argument so much more powerful: why should women have the right to say no? Why should the government spend more money on school's?
Make your blog bright and decorative, so that others will want to read it.
Advertise your blog. Use free advertising web sites, public newspapers, or even just tell a group of friends. Word quickly spreads...
Write something new on your blog at least every few days, and don't completely finish your blog posts off. Notice how step number 7 didn't completely end? This leaves people hanging for more.
Don't use a popular website to create your blog. For example, if someone sees a blog from then they'll think "Just another blogthings blog". But if they see a blog from an unusual website then they will be more likely to go to the blog out of curiosity.
Think about your blog's name. Make the title clear, but also a little bit curios so that people will want to visit the site.


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