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Turning your Mail Bomber into a ICQ Pager Bomber --

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Well now that ICQ Hell v1.0 is retired becuse of ICQ changeing there cgi
script a new kind of bombing is needed.
ICQ lets you send pages by e-mail. Its called EmailExpress Messages. All you
need is a user icq number and a good e-mail bomber. Set up your e-mail bomber
to bomb


The person with a UIN of 12345 would get bombed till you stoped your e-mail

It works the same way if you were e-mail bombing someone. It nice becuse
ICQ Hell v1.0 work by useing ICQ cgi script, it would send about a page
every 3 sec. Useing EmailExpress it will bomb faster on how good of a e-mail
bomber you use. I use the bomber Alanche v3.0 for many things and I find it
works well with EmailExpress messages.

Now lets say that you are getting Bombed. How would you stop it? Well all
you need to do is to set your Security and Privacy to not accept EmailExpress


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