How to Make Money (for Teenagers)

How to Make Money (for Teenagers)
Many things are expensive, but money is everywhere. There are many ways for a teenager to make money. You just have to work hard and work diligently. The hard work will pay off!

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StepsTry "GPT" Websites. These websites pay you to fill out surveys.
Work for someone else: this is the most popular way to make money even when you're an adult. In most countries, child labor laws limit the amount and type of work you can do, and the age at which you may begin. You will certainly be limited to after school hours, weekends and summers.
Get a job: the retail and food service industries are happy to hire teenagers at minimum wage, but look around and consider a call center or a hospital. You might enjoy a paper route, or you might find a job as a referee for a soccer league. If you live near the ocean, you might work as a mate on a charter boat. See also How to get a job when you are only 16 and How to get a job when you are not yet 16
Negotiate fees with your parents for extra chores around the house. Try to pick things they might hire a professional to do (like detail the car) and charge them half price. Ask your parents if you can clean the house each week instead of them or your housekeeper. Do your laundry and the dishes. This can be a weekly sum. Do the chores properly or your parents might not think it's worth their money. Parents are sometimes more willing to help out if they know what your plan is, so share all the details with them
Walk dogs
Mow lawns for your neighbors. You can make a lot of money, but it's hard work and takes up a lot of Saturdays. Also consider the maintenance aspect in respect to the lawn mower itself - hours on motor, oil, spark plugs, blades if this is your parents' mower. However, most parents will not care and just be thankful that you are out making money.
Work for yourself
Hire others to work for you. Hire all your friends to mow the neighbors' lawns. Sell tickets to a talent show featuring the most talented kids in your school.
Put your money to work for you. Confusing? Perhaps, but the idea is simple: take the money you have, and use it to make more money. It's called investing.
Put your spare change in a jar. Remember, a little here and a little there can really add up to a lot. Put the jar somewhere where you can always see it, such as your bedside table or desk. This will help you remember to add change every time you see it.
Do not use Coinstar or anything like it once you go to change that jar of silver and gold into green; they always take some percentage of your change from you. Some banks count coins without the fee.
Get the job to clean up a junk pile odd odds and ends and put it in trash containers (trash bags) for TEN dollars, and the person you clean up for may call you to come back if your job is acceptable!
Place a cheap ad in the NEWSPAPER such as babysitting, etc...
Shovel snow: Go to every house in a good sized neighborhood charging 10-20 dollars per driveway, or 30 dollars a week for shoveling the snow. Do this every time it snows. Someone may pay you in advance for a month if they know you or like your work!
You can also pass out flyers and businees cards for people who need help advertizing.

TipsDon't lend people money unless they are trustworthy and you know they will pay you back. The fact that someone is your friend does not automatically make them trustworthy or reliable - sometimes, lending money to friends can be like gambling.
Try making flyers on your computer and hanging them on telephone poles. Some places will allow you to hang ads on a board of some kind. This can be very helpful. Be sure to add in your flyer how much you charge for each service; that way your customers know what to expect, and there aren't any surprises when it's time for you to be paid.
If you are able to make a product, sell the product for about 10-20% more than price of production.
Work for more than money; work to learn. Even flipping burgers presents opportunities; watch who they pick for management, how the workers are organized, anything. Rich people own businesses, they don't work for them. Money is temporary, knowledge is permanent.
Try to dress sensibly. This will help you look responsible and dedicated.
Organize your thoughts and keep a simple plan for making money. Trying to tackle too much can be very stressing and can be a hazard to your developing body.
Sometimes you can get work at a summer camp. This is useful because it's rewarding and doesn't interfere with school at all (unless you have a year-round school, of course).
You can also search the internet for websites where you can watch "free" step-by-step videos about how to make money from the internet--look for anyway that will work for you.
Don't shovel snow that has been driven on.

WarningsIn the USA, don't put flyers in the mailbox; that is illegal in some places. Just tape the flyers to the outside of the mailbox or the front door of the house. You may put your flyers in the boxes intended for newspapers since the federal government does not regulate these.
Make sure you have permission for everything you choose to sell. You don't want to sell something your parents still want! Also, consider an objects personal value before you sell. It might only be worth $10, but if you would rather have it than the $10, then you should definitely keep it.
Do not forget that your main priority as a teenager is your education. Do not sacrifice schoolwork or homework for a paid job. Having money as a teenager is very nice, but your main goal is to get an education so you can get a good job and have money as an adult.
Don't be pushy when trying to get a job. People don't like to be told they have to hire you. Be nice, pleasant, and show the person you are seriously interested in working for them
Try to make sure that you do your job the best you can so that people will want to come back to you.

Things You'll NeedA jar or some sort of large container
A Bank account
An Exuberant attitude and patience. getting jobs done can require patience!


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