remove trojan virus

This post is about how to remove autorun.inf virus from your usb pendrive or computer.this virus really annoys us..this virus has been widely spread these days and it has become very common that every pen drive we use will be infected by this virus. This Recycler virus / BV:AutoRun-G[Wrm] is very annoying one and even formatting the pen drive will not remove the virus. Though antivirus software is able to identify, it cannot remove the virus completely. If you delete this manually, it will again create itself and none of the virus removal tricks could work to resolve the problem

1.Download flash disinfector to your computer and save in a folder other than windows drive.

2.Now run flash-disinfector tool ,it asks to insert your flash drive click ok and insert your flash drive.

3.The desktop icons will be completely disappeared ,wait patiently until done message appears from flash disinfector.

4.After done message appears click ok.That’s it flash disinfector locked the virus not removed.
click to download flash disinfecter


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