2009 airtel tricks .

hi folks ineed to say the trick for airtel gprs for 7 days . first u need to activiate 1 days mobile office pack by sending sms . type mo and sent it to 56789 . and a day and before one hour the gprs deactivate u will get a message from airtel i.e within one hour u gprs one day pack will deactiivate. that u need to type gprs7 and send to 56789. and if u send the message within one hour u r 7days gprs will be activated .and another important matter u need keep u r balance within 20 rs. pls dont have more than 20 rs .incase u have 45 rs u r balance will go -30 pls keep rs 20 for free 7days pack and if the user see and post more coometns i will say the tricks for unlimited pack .. so pls post u r comments bye bye i am the person u says the hacks for 2008tricks.blogspot.com so pls visit my site pls dont got to that site i have selled (gave )that site to another for a liite amount due fincial problem ....


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bala said... March 23, 2009 at 12:27 PM

23.03.2009 that day Airtel know that hack and deactivate all the 7 day 1 hour before 7 day mobile office pack by my name is Balaji KANDAMPAKKAM VILLUPURAM my site www.Balaji001.wen.ru


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